ease off, lie, sleep, at rest

That’s exactly what we can offer you. With products that we can safely endorse. With care in everything we do and a sense of responsibility for what we can offer you.

As a family-run Swiss firm we guarantee our quality and reliability. We attach utmost importance to the use of ergonomically designed and environmentally-friendly products and materials and clean production. We uphold age-old traditions of consummate Swiss craftsmanship and combine them with modern, high-tech production methods.

elsa is conceived for people and made for people. Our elsa mineral foam®, which moulds to the body in a unique fashion, is the result of this way of thinking as is our entire product range. All of which is placed at the service of a great idea: to offer you anything and everything capable of contributing to your relaxation, wellbeing and health – and in so doing give you a slice of happiness.

Take a moment to explore our world of holistic and healthy regeneration. The following pages will give you a foretaste of what we have to offer. The elsa feel-good sensation is something that can only be experienced personally – on a day-by-day basis.

We are happy if we can convince you about the quality of elsa products. If you want to find out more, we remain gladly at your disposal.

Ihre Daniela Thöny

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