Frequently asked questions about elsa sleeping pillows

Can I test an elsa sleeping pillow?

Yes, ask for a test pillow at your pharmacy, drugstore or from your health care professional.

Which pillow suits me?

For neck and shoulder tensions, headaches/migraines, we recommend our anatomical neck pillow. This is available in two heights (9 cm or 11 cm). As a test pillow you will receive the so-called combo neck pillow which has a removable wedge so that both heights can be tested with one pillow.

If you want a pillow that supports, but with which you can still "cuddle", then we recommend our flake pillow.

For those wanting a firmer base in the size of a sleeping pillow, our most precious pillow is ideal: the Supreme sleeping pillow. It consists of elsa mineral foam flakes and a cover (also made of elsa mineral foam) which makes the cushion more compact.

As an allergy sufferer, can I sleep on an elsa pillow?

Yes, because our pillows (contents & cover) are washable at 60°. Further information under Info.

elsa pillows are tested by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, product class 1, for baby articles. This means they are harmless, without toxic additives.

How long is the lifespan of an elsa sleeping pillow?

Everyone sweats while sleeping, so it is important to wash the pillows (2-3 per year). This increases their lifespan, as this ensures that the pores of the elsa mineral foam become clean and breathable again. If you never wash it, the pores will stick together and lose their supporting force.

We grant a warranty of 3 years. If the pillow is washed regularly, the life span extends to at least 5 years.

Frequently asked questions about the elsa mattress

Can I test the elsa mattress for a trial period?

Of course. You have the opportunity to test the elsa mattress for 30 days, without obligation and free of charge. Please complete the order form (click to form).

Do I need a special slatted frame for the elsa mattress?

No. The important thing is that the bed base offers good support and doesn’t sag.

Do I need a molleton or mattress protector for the elsa mattress?

No. A molleton or mattress protector prevents the pressure-relieving elsa mineral foam (lying surface) from correctly adapting to the anatomy through body temperature. A stretchable fitted sheet can be used without any problems.

How heavy is an elsa mattress?

The elsa mattress is significantly lighter than conventional mattresses. A mattress measuring 90x200x15 cm weighs about 17 kg, and one measuring 160x200x15 cm about 30 kg.

What happens with the elsa mattress if my partner is heavier/lighter?

Owing to the fact that the pressure-relieving elsa mineral foam (lying surface) only deforms when subjected to force (weight) and temperature, two independent, separate foam adaptations are created. There is no "large pit", as is often the case with conventional spring mattresses.

Is there an adjustment period when I switch from a spring mattress to an elsa mattress?

An adjustment period may indeed occur when changing mattresses. It often takes the body a few nights to get used to the new sleeping position. That's why we are conscientiously offering you the elsa mattress for a whole 30 nights. Allow yourself and your body enough time to get used to a healthy sleeping position.

Should I have the elsa mineral foam inlay (lying surface) washed?

Yes, because everyone sweats when they sleep. For reasons of hygiene, we recommend that you wash the elsa mineral foam every 3-4 years.

Washing guarantees, in addition to hygiene, that the climate pores do not clog and the mattress retains its viscoelastic properties for a long time.

We also recommend turning the inlay over once or twice a year (foot to head, back to front). Simply remove the tops of the mattress cover and inner lining (all-round zip), preferably when you are planning to wash them anyway.

What do I need to do if I want to have the elsa mineral foam inlay (lying surface) washed?

If you have not kept the packaging, you can order it from us.

It is best if you send us the inlay by mail. The inlay can be folded without any problems.

If you want us to collect the inlay by courier, this costs CHF 80 per way.

After approx. 3-5 days (washing and drying time) you will receive the inlay back washed and cleaned.

If you have no other sleeping facilities during this time, we will be happy to provide you with a replacement inlay free of charge.

The washing of the inlay costs CHF 50/pc. excl. shipping costs.

For an appointment, please contact our customer services at 041 269 88 88.

If you have the opportunity to have the liner washed in your area, it is important that the laundry/dry cleaner does not use fabric softener, and then allows the inlay to dry well.


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