3 in 1: Finding your personalised elsa mattress is so easy.

You are best placed to know what’s good for you. Therefore, you can adjust your mattress as required so that it’s somewhat firmer in the area of your buttocks and hips. The central section offers the optimal comfort you need at the drop of a hat. Here, we recommend the somewhat firmer green central insert above all in the case of spinal disc problems.

The perimetric zips on the outer cover and inner lining can be easily opened. You can then pull back the elsa mineral foam© to remove the blue central insert and replace it with the firmer green or softer light blue insert.

Your body can only recover properly if it is supported in certain places while in a lying position.

The spine should be straight when the body is in a lateral sleeping position. This prevents painful and also harmful pressure from being exerted on the spine.

A mattress that is too firm can aggravate complaints and even cause pain.

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