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A new cotton cover in blue is now available for all elsa sleeping pillows. 
Like all elsa covers, it is also washable at 60°, made in Portugal.
We hope you will enjoy it.

Autumn greetings
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New: Soft neck pillow

The popular soft pillow is now also available in the neck pillow form. Fits even better to your neck. For sleepers who prefer a soft base.

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Pure nature: the legendary TV spot from elsa

Renzo Blumenthal was not only the most popular Mister Switzerland of all time, but also an elsa ambassador for several years.

In the summer of 2008, the organic farmer was in front of the camera for the filming of the TV commercial for elsa's breathable and washable mattress. The filming was not done in a studio, but in Renzo's home, the Val Lumnezia. This was a perfect fit, as the mineral foam used in elsa mattresses comes from the Swiss mountains.

But the stars of the commercial were Renzo's pig Reimund and the mountain dog Lupa. The latter chased the pig over the blooming mountain meadows and finally over Renzo's mattress - with corresponding tracks, of course. But the organic farmer merely smiled at the soiling of his mattress. After all, he knows: "Pure nature - you can even wash the elsa mattress".

Fantastically flexible

The elsa soft pillow in the new size 40x60 cm adapts to everyone who wants to relax well while sleeping - regardless of whether on the back, on the side or on the stomach. Its soft lying surface is made of pressure-relieving elsa mineral foam, washable at 60 °, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 product class I tested and manufactured in Switzerland. This elsa soft pillow is available from CHF 109.–. The cotton cover (white) and the velor covers in various colors are available for CHF 59.–.


With an elsa cushion you not only enjoy a good night's sleep, you can also customize it with the matching cover in your dreams.

NEW also in ANTIQUE PINK. This color version will be available in a limited edition for all elsa sleeping pillows.

on the very to of relaxation.

Thanks to its pressure-relieving mineral foam the elsa topper provides optimal body comfort, particularly for box-spring beds and matrasses that are too hard.

The topper is Oeko-Tex-certified with product class 1 and tested for harmful substances (safe for babies), manufactured in Switzerland. It is washable just like the velvety velour cover at 60°, and can be tested for free for 30 days.

From now on, all orthopedic neck pillows are available with a fine, removable cotton cover in the color white.

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