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New: Total relaxation can’t be more profiled than this.

The support that we humans use to spend around 2500 hours in a horizontal position should be well thought-through, ergonomically ideal and made of top quality natural and biocompatible materials. This is to ensure that height, weight and function harmonise perfectly with one another – which is why we have put our complete know-how into the inner qualities of our most recent health mattress.

At its core, a top quality EvoPoreHRC* mattress foam provides optimal support and climate control. The new and ergonomic 7-zone profiling ensures optimal point elasticity and pressure relief, in particular also in the frequently problematic shoulder area. And ventilation ducts serve to make the health mattress particularly breathable and moisture-regulating. Finally, the mattress is topped by a surface made of elsa mineral foam® with extra viscoelastic, pressure relieving and breathability characteristics.

The result: an anatomically correct body posture providing perfect relaxation. And to ensure that this remains so, the removable covers and the viscoelastic surface can simply be washed, a fact that will not only bestow your dreams with soothing freshness.

* stands for highly elastic mattress foam with revolutionary climate resistance.

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80 x 200 x 15cm1'590.00
90 x 190/200 x 15cm1'590.00
100 x 200 x 15cm1'790.00
120 x 200 x 15cm1'990.00
140 x 200 x 15cm2'390.00
160 x 200 x 15cm2'690.00
180 x 200 x 15cm2'890.00

Other sizes available upon request.

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