`Our pillows

Heady dreams.

The right pillow is not only the perfect support for carefree dreams. It also helps prevent problems and facilitates healing in complaints such as neck and shoulder pain, headaches and whiplash injuries.

Our pillows – just as our mattresses – adjust to your needs by continuously harmonising with your body warmth. By providing support instead of exerting pressure, they relax your vertebrae, muscles and nerve pathways thus improving your circulation and cell metabolism.

Interested? You can decide for yourself which pillow is best suited to your needs with our free home trial.

Our neck pillow: Anyone wrestling with neck and/or shoulder problems will be delighted with this therapeutic pillow. No wonder, therefore, that it is our favourite and top-selling product.

Our soft pillow: You will go to bed with your wellbeing on cloud nine. It really is amazing how comfy this pillow is while at the same time providing support and relieving pressure on your shoulders and neck.

Our Supreme: Our high-end pillow shows that lifestyle is not necessarily incompatible with caring for your health. It doesn’t only look superb but will convince anyone looking for a firm base capable of providing optimal support.

Our soft neck pillow: Anyone longing for gentle neck support, comparable to our anatomical neck pillow, which nevertheless offers excellent support, should definitely try this new pillow.

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