`Our sleep expertise

elsa improves the quality of your life during sleep.

When we sleep well, we not only wake up in the morning ideally refreshed and ready for our waking hours. During sleep we also get to grips with important matters, adjust our mood swings and are even able to find more creative approaches for solutions than when we are awake. So a perfect night’s rest plays an important role in our lives – of which sleep takes up around one third.

This is why elsa has set itself the goal of ensuring you have the best possible night’s sleep with its restorative pillows and mattresses. After all, we attach increasing importance to wellbeing in our lives. And evidence shows that the right tools for sleeping help prevent and cure different ailments.

Men and women differ from one another, so it is only natural that this also applies to the choice of the right pillow and mattress. However, what all elsa products handmade exclusively in Switzerland have in common is the fact that they are made of viscoelastic elsa mineral foam®, a unique and natural material that is ergonomic and ensures thermoregulation. This means that they adjust ideally to the body’s contours and provide support while at the same time relieving pressure. They are also washable and have hygienic qualities, so they are also suitable for allergy sufferers.

Hence no wonder that our thoughtfully designed products are also used for medical and treatment purposes.

We recommend that you try out our mattresses, pillows and cushions without further ado. During a free trial. Want to find out about the other ways in which we put our sleep expertise to the test?

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