`Wash/care instructions

Wash/care instructions

Cleanliness is quality of life.
One of the unique advantages of elsa products is that they’re fully washable.
Everybody sweats during sleep. That’s why it’s important to regularly wash elsa soft pillows – we recommend you wash them three to four times a year.

Washing increases the life of our products.

If the pores of the elsa mineral foam® are clean, this means that they are also breathable. If a pillow is not washed for a long time, the pores will stick together and viscoelasticity will decrease.

Washing instructions cover:

  1. Remove the cover from the pillow.
  2. Wash cover with light, coloured or dark items depending on colour at max. 60ºC.
  3. Use an ordinary mild detergent.
  4. Can be dried in a tumble dryer. Except for organic cotton covers (see care label).

Important: Wash the cover at 60ºC the first time: this will fix the colour.

Washing instructions for elsa mineral foam® (pillow core):

  1. Wash the pillow by itself at max. 60ºC and select the highest spin speed.
  2. Use an ordinary mild detergent. Do not use fabric conditioners!
  3. The pillow will need about 12 hours to air-dry.
  4. Can also be dried in the tumble dryer (gentle drying cycle). Allow to cool in the air afterwards. Avoid leaving the pillow in direct sunlight.
  5. We recommend using a tumble dryer to dry our foam pillows and SUPREME pillows. They will dry more quickly and the filling will be properly ‘fluffed up’. After drying, allow the pillow to cool for a few hours. Avoid leaving the pillow in direct sunlight.
  6. Before pulling the cover onto the pillow, check for dampness by pressing on the pillow. Repeat the drying process if necessary.
  7. To protect the zip, compress the elsa mineral foam® when pulling the cover onto the nape pillow.
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