`Mineral foam

We are experts in hygiene.
elsa mineral foam®

elsa mineral foam® provides you with natural freshness and hygiene every day. Dirt and dust are simply washed away. This means that our products not only remain clean but also maintain their orthopaedic benefits.

elsa mineral foam® is also permeable to air and breathable. It retains these qualities since washing regularly cleans its air pores. For lasting thermoregulation.

Conventional viscoelastic foam is not washable. It inevitably gets dirty over time. However, body fluids and dust do not only affect hygiene but also ergonomic qualities: if foam becomes lumpy its ergonomic characteristics disappear.

A non-washable pillow or mattress can be a real paradise for mites and gives allergy sufferers a hard time. So you see: regular cleaning is an indispensable part of carefree slumber.

Carefree slumber.
elsa viscoelastic mineral foam® reacts to body warmth and weight and hence adapts ideally and individually. It provides you with the necessary support and prevents pressure marks, which can lead to tension and lasting health problems. How relaxed you wake up depends on how well you prepare yourself for sleep. Whether your body experiences unnecessary stresses and strains when seated and lying down depends on how we achieve this and the support base we use. Very often the cause of tension in the neck and back is the wrong type of sleeping surface. Instead of relaxing at night, many people lie on mattresses that have exactly the opposite effect and exert a negative pressure. elsa is different. With our orthopaedic neck pillows, seat cushions and mattresses you will always naturally find the right posture. Our pressure-relieving anti-decubitus pillows and mattresses have been successfully used in medical care for a long time.
elsa – a byword for rest and relaxation

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